Mälardalens segelflygcenter

Information in English

dia061You are welcome to bring your glider to our gliding club for just a day or several weeks.

In the period from May 1 to around August 15 we can offer towing capacity with our three Pawnees any day of the week.
Our airfield is situated close to the free airspace in Bergslagen (NW of Ekeby) with excellent thermal conditions. Many visitors have made more than one 500-km flight during a week.

We arrange for a briefing before your first flight to inform about our local rules, the Swedish airspace and places to visit in case of bad weather.

Your accommodation

We have a camping site with 10 cottages, in total 34 beds, and we also have areas where you can park a camper. In connection to the camping area we have toilettes, showers and washing machines.
You may use our cooking facilities in the clubhouse for preparation of your meals.

”Work and Fly”

In 2003 we introduced a concept called ”work and fly”. We have a broadband (5 Mbit/s) Internet access with wireless, (WiFi), access to most areas around the clubhouse and camping. That means you can manage your e-mail and set up a VPN-access to your office or remote-control your customers servers. Together with a mobile phone that means it is perfectly possible for many of us to manage our work or business from the club. Imagine flying a few weeks, (or all summer !), and taking care of the work during the evenings or the gloomy days.

Guest packages

You pay a fixed price for access to all club-owned gliders for 7 days. You will have the same possibilities as all the regular club members to book some of the gliders over internet or participate in the ”lottery” in the weekday mornings. On the weekends we have a one-hour or 150 km limit and you have to wait for your turn. See the pricelist for more details.


During august it is possible to rent some of our club gliders full time. This can be combined with renting a cottage in the camping. Fly in the same area as the World Championships in 2006. Please contact us for further information about prices and availability.

Our prices

To fly from Ekeby and use our facilities you have to become a guest member, either on a day by day basis or year based. The costs for guest membership can be found in our pricelist.


Here is a table of words and phrases, largely based on a list published in segelfliegen.

If you plan to visit us

If you are interested in visiting our gliding club, please notify us in advance, and tell us if you want to use a cottage. Summertime there is great demands for cottages, so to be sure to get one for your visit we prefere to know about it at least 5 weeks in advance.

How to contact us:

By email you can contact: info#efk.nu or  (replace # with @). You can also call our office on +46 16513489, daytime.


Visitors’ Guide to Swedish Airspace